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Karnataka plantation Coffee Inc. is a green bean supplier that focuses on single estate coffees from India. We work with progressive growers who follow stringent growing, processing and curing norms. Our estates also have stringent plantation and employee management program in place. We produce Arabicas & Robustas, all under three tiered shade system. All of our Indian coffees are warehoused in our private warehouse in Hillsboro, Oregon, U.S.A.
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1. “Karnataka Plantation Coffee has delivered the highest quality Indian coffees to Raven’s Brew year after year. Their diverse offerings and commitment to both the coffee producer and roaster is outstanding.
“ Andy Cronin” Roastmaster-Ravens Brew.

2. I learned a tremendous amount about what it truly takes to plant, nurture, process, and ship coffee from India. The care all the planters I met take in their crops, environment, and labor force is tremendous. KPCI’s work with planters is making a world of difference in our cup--all the way here in America!
“ David Dobrick” Late for the train coffee

3. We love KPCI's coffees, not only for their delicate sweetness and intriguing flavor but also for the story behind them. The history and traditions behind Karnataka Plantation coffees is as rich as the coffee itself.
Cindy Ertell - Owner-Oregon Coffee Roasters

4. The coffee has low acidity. It is mild and sweet with a hint of peanuts. Used just right, it kicks up the crema in our traditional Italian-style espresso, balancing the profile of sweet sour and bitterness.
Stephanie Backus - Portland Roasting.
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